Do you have a personal or professional vision? What would you most like to achieve in your lifetime? What do you hope to contribute to the world? Is there a dream or goal you have given up on?

What is the single biggest problem or challenge that is keeping you from fulfilling your mission or vision? And how does this make you feel? (Take as much space as you need - I would really love details!)

What does your life look like a year from now, if nothing changes? Ten years from now? What consequences will you face? What will you have missed out on? What if you get to the end of your life and you haven't made your contribution or seen your vision come to fruition? What would the world have missed out on?

If I could offer you a way to get back on track, design your life, wake up fulfilled, and reach your goals, what would that look like? What tools would you need? What would you want to learn? (Think big. Don't hold back - tell me what you really need!)

Imagine you had access to the perfect solution... what would a day in your life look like? How would your day to day life be different? What would the positive outcomes be for you - in every area of your life? What could you achieve that you haven’t been able to before? How would this make you feel? (Share the details!)

If you could ask me any question about designing your life or improving your business, what would it be? What would you hope my answer would be?

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